Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Retail Therapy

Nothing can be befitting than a afternoon siesta ..after a heavenly lunch from nearby Mathura , close to D N road – complete with papad , chapati , rice , two bhajis , dal and to complete a full square meal - gulabjamun ……until shaken by the coffee from Café Coffee day guy – ma’am coffee or tea ?.yeah Coffee but please the Equal sachet ! – mind my calorie intake!!! …….
..The Reuters terminal is just blinking endlessly on the $ movement – distant talks by guys-next-cubicle – “sub prime losses are huge and top it all – it is grossly underreported / waise the inbound tourist traffic is going to take a huge toll – we need to have cover for our earnings .. / chod yaar ! it ni ghata nahi aayega dhandhe pe .. sirf thodi si thanda..”…….eyes are drooling ( coffee is toooooooooo sugary !!) ……pulling out from the “ analysis – gyan – talks” ,..slouching heavily on the swinging chair ….. perfect for a nap !! …
…… Job blues - clueless , mind hung over what the new role is going to offer – money wise . – hike is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to sustain my ‘retail therapy’ and role wise – something more challenging than the dull one am doing now ! . ….. thoughts kept on pounding ..Google search isn’t yielding any better picture either ……. Frustration , Desperation and Inclination – all these 3 ‘tions’ ….. are like accompanying tensions !! …. .. Nap seems to be disturbed by this looming ‘danger-cum-worry-cum-anticipation’ , face looks tired on the blank screen of the desktop …mobile playing “ One Headlight” by Wallflowers – and the number flashing – 0224926632…. No not from any prospective employers ..but dear old Farru … “ whazz up ?” voice is down ….. awaaz bilkul neeche with tone of despair …… “ hey listen .. story is same for every one ….chodo !! jab hone ko mangta hai ., will happen on its own !! … me and Sur is coming lets go for some ‘Retail Therapy’ ..U show us the Crawford market ..come join us” !!


Wikipedia describes the term as “ it is shopping with the primary purpose of improving the buyer’s mood or disposition” . The term “ therapy” by definition implies a treatment for a problem ( here ,depression or stress ), not a problem itself.” …the purchases made during this state of mind are also referred to as “ comfort buys”…….
… Farru has been always been a angel heart – her call , her mischief has been always a trigger to wink a smile , lift the gloomy face from a stupor which is never –ending …..Cudnt resist the “temptation”, logged off PC and left desk an hour before 6 pm……..reasoning sounded to placate the guilt inside- “ faida kya joh kaam pe khush nahi huin main”……. Rest of the evening unfolded with more of the grunts like ‘Awesome’ , ‘lovely texture and C the colour – it would go well with a white kurta’… ‘shit man….I prefer having a brocade piece of that colour..than the one lying there …is toooooooooooo ‘shaadi’ type . cant be a daily wear’….. ‘Bhaiya iski bhau thikse batao …..pehli baar dukan pe aaye hum’….. ‘ wallet bilkul khali hai .. nazdik pe ATM se jake uthana padega’….

…………….Well am not much of a “shopping buff” unlike my two companions ..always bought things that look good on me .. rather I would claim myself as ‘not impulsive but judicious shopalchoholic’….always kept the reminder of the number of the paper notes on the wallet ..and also prefer buying ‘things of utmost necessity’…but cannt excuse, rather resist the ‘temptation’ ‘lustre or the texture’ and …..yes the coveted ‘respite from the looming thought ..tension….clueless..being helplessly hopeless..’..

………….More in support of the term here goes a cliché “ When the going gets tough , the tough go shopping”… I quote Paco Underhill : “Shopping has always been a form of therapy , Women get an enormous amount of pleasure from the act of looking ( Read : Window Shopping ) ,and its an escape” …
…….While settling over a maheshwari cotton based – turquoise green dupatta with golden brocade – planning to stitch it as a kurta though ..and shelling out 550 bucks .. I felt nothing more expensive than myself and my state of mind . …. Comfort factor is I helped the store owner with his business , but dint got addicted to bad habits !! . when frustration level reaches its nadir …. People do adopt route better called “Escape to Paradise”……… need to look for a tailor who will perfectly make the outfit to give a Heavenly pleasure …!!!......


…Here runs a directory :

.Mumbai is a shopper’s paradise - .Colaba causeway , Bandra linking road are always the most haunted and hunted in my NM days – bole toh “ nukkad ki haar saare dukan pata hai and storeowners also know us .. there comes the brigade to loot my store..”…always has been for a lookout of those stores that are value for money , cheap yet it’s a good deal made !! ..

…If you want Silver jewellery – nothing compared better here in Mumbai to Delhi !! . but some stopovers here are always been Bombay Store , Sangam in Colaba Causeway ..

..When it comes to …kohlapuri jutis – none but the man on the roadside ..beside Metro shop @ Colaba Cause way .. also the shop below the KFC building @ bandra linking road .. besides the numerous brands like Catwalk , City walk , Regal , Scandal , Habit ..etc

When it comes to Pastries – Oustandingly Upright and Deliciously Lip smacking is THEOBROMA ..again @ Colaba Causeway ..wont let down the pastry and bakery shops on the Hill road , Bandra …..

Food palates cannot be left insatiated with out the mention of Bademiyaan ( Colaba causeway) ,Khyber , Toss & Grill( carter Road ) , Dhaba (Oshiwara ..), Tamba Handi., Urban Tadka , Poptate’s , Mughal sarai , Dhuaan ( all at Seven bunglows , Versova) , Kobe , Tawa , Olive , Lemon grass , Thai ban ., Red Box ( bandra ) .. known for their veggie- on-veggie delicacies…

Clothes – well better leave this segment unsaid ……shops are aplenty to cater to the diverse choices ….the ‘un’ branded stores are equally mind boggling and can give run for the money to these branded garment/ accessories museums across the road !!..icing on the cake is perhaps some cheap buy from the boutiques shops @ Lokhandwala ….

Well its an impoverished directory kind sort – compiled from my understanding …..of Mumbai shopping fiesta could be …acknowledgement goes to my batch mates in NM, particularly those from Delhi .where I find designs / tastes of good clothing , attire and food is stylish , chic , suave …as well implicitly sophisticated even from Mumbai …. . I never had a stint with Delhi other than occasional tours to visit my relations there …to explore , to execute such loots , to dabble myself in such shopping extra vanza .Heard the marriage season in Delhi is the busiest and perhaps the most trendiest of all when the fashion / who’s who dons the best and worst as well…………… therefore its an impoverished ode to Mumbai shopping districts from someone hailing from a relatively unkempt ,mundane metro called Kolkata where donning simple ,less jhinchak clothes is what understood to be reflection of austere lifestyles there ! …..

Back at home from Church Gate station , I felt better in the temporary respite ….well nevertheless started extolling my good buy to my mother back @ kolkata ….she has not been that fortunate to be so urbane as like me … courtesy her age …. But she felt better with the change in my tone . …The buy was nothing compared to what for last two days Farru and Sur has been romping around all the stores possible in the town side ( READ : SOUTH MUMBAI !! . its urbane if u say .. Town side .. for .. beyond …. Dadar its suburb …..! ) . ….
..Experts ( READ : PSYCHOLOGISTS - who treat mental patients ! ) say binge shopping cannot be an emotional cure-all , it might make one feel .. worse ..for they cite on impulse we might end up buying something which we regret wearing later ….. or no more fashionable ……. Excuses may be many …But whether a living a Bridget Jones lifestyle in a city like Mumbai or for women loaded with family …….. Shopping gives the feminine desire the coveted outburst to be herself ! .Discontentment growing with in her from job , family , spouse /fiancé , expectation ..all can get a temporary respite may be in window shopping ….. before she again goes back to her stressful moments . It can be equated with drinking or smoking with men when their super –dumbo ego or aspirations gets bashed either by biwi or boss !!.....More often seen guys hate accompanying ..their fiancée in her shopping .for they(men) term it as ‘boring’ for they are not that discerning as hers choice ……. They escape the bottom line .. may be Shopping is a pretext to her to avoid him , for reasons , known as well unknown ….! .

…Lastly , it has been always a tricky to learn , unlearn women’s mind. Its tooooo complex , yet too simple …. Rest I leave it for the my fellow sisters to comment ……and my fellow brethren to gawk at !!!...........

Monday, November 5, 2007

.......Some Are Better Than None.......

.........Somethings in life never change ,
........Sometimes in life you don't find reasons...
Some moments in life are never forgotten,
Sometimes you loose hope....

When time rolls by you try to forget
What holds you on ....

Some people in life are a part of you,
And when you let them go ,
You never loose them,
You find them living in you........

Thursday, October 18, 2007



..The leaves are green , so is the dark brown bark ..
Rain soaked mud down on the earth bares its trail mark…..
… it is invisible to the eye when not spotted carefully
……..Revered for using its colour canopy tactfully !

. We , are better version of the species when we employ our grey cells
True colours are revealed instantly when loopholes are left bare as well

Sometimes obligations ,sometimes need and sometimes habit
….Induces to change the ‘colour’ unconsciously by spirit !

Loss of trust , confidence is the biggest casualty to those for whom we matter most
.Its hard to rebuild the same when we realize the something more precious is lost !


You sound like a nerd ,when you bare or speak such nonsense speech
Half of which you never practice whatever you preach !

Is it an eye- opener or you are tossing a cork screw on your finger ?
…or .is it a daydreaming which boozing leads such feel to linger ?

You sound crude ! Non sense ….. ! how can I ditch ?
Its my good old friend’s friend who is a big time bitch ! …


Shut up ! its there on your second skin ….. that changes colour like the reptile ….!
…….you never realize until mistake or damage done which you cannot reconcile !!


What if the other person harbours the same and I remain Innocent !
I would loose out when everything is done and if I remain reticent !


No dear , you don’t loose but win ;
..for the other person doesn’t have the courage to deny the sin !
He/ she remains as the slave ever , to the circumstances and intention
..Never realizes all it makes them lonely with more confusion.!


Dear , would mind your words if at all possible
Be just my good conscience whenever other dumps my plea as inaudible !!


Monday, September 24, 2007

.......3rd eye.......

Lines lie unstructured
words lie scattered
but thoughts lie focused
....just needed the kick to get worked !

Thoughts are wanderlust
..Moments strewn with memories refuses to live last
…Warmth of two souls shudders the cold ,windy morning
…Dewdrops soaked eyes turns blind to the sun blazing
..Harmless mischief in those tiring hours
.......Binds to long lost pleasure once dabbled in leisure.

Words left unspoken , miffed with subtle nuances of eyes
Never had a chance of reading them which are so gentle and nice

Missed those subtle hints ,casual touch with warmth of mind and heart
When the thirst remained unquenched forever in a cold desert !

Desert has its colour of its own , its depth seems vast
The Oasis is not a relief but a haven to die for unto last .
.....The Mirage seems quivering , frolicking with the hot air
......But the peace along with its calmness is rare .

Could I care less an eye when mine ones are blind
Drenched lips when mine one remains parched
an warm heart when mine remains cold without any shine
How could I afford not to feel cared by something so divine ?

Life is beautiful even if it’s a desert or a garden
… the feel is what it counts when touched by smile or pain .

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Wondering why we pamper our ego
When alter ego lies uncared in our ‘self’
Why we choose to ignore the inner call
When outside world is no better place .

Awakening seems tough choice
When doing same things in varied kind
Never to say sorry to a disapproving face
Ignore them as they are many steps behind .

Why show off when mind refuses
Complicates matters as many such remains unresolved .
Why feel insecure when cant give cover to our naked lies
Mind remains pure resolute with bewitched conscience.

Why feel dejected when things never turn up the way we want
Why then reject changes that we never initiate
It’s the worst when the mind is closed
Never will have another chance to make the first stroke .

Why dare to re-instate rules, challenge fellow sentiments
When eyesight is myopic like the frog in the well
Why hurt a soul when cannot care for ours
All we do is drag life that is never destined for hell

Questions are endless , keeps mounting more and more
Irony is we wont stop doing unless felt deep inside
Whom we blame – ego or habit ?
Excuses are many , at the end of the day we lie none but self only .

Why sound so pale when achieved not all but enough to recall
There are many who never simply can imagine
Either got lost in mayhem or simply cudnt be humble
Therefore Thank Himself !
For all His mercy and renounce our jealousy !

Grab the piece of earth meant for me
Share the pie which is excess !
Bare the naked truth how ugly may it be
Live a life and let others to live !!

Monday, September 17, 2007

.....Resurrection .....

..." 3 months & 7 days old !.indeed ! arrey U r still a kid !... u seen a toddler who learnt its first step 2 take its own !...U toh will rewrite human evolution ! ..too fast u r man !... slow down !.oderwise ....." ------what ? oder wise what ?

A shock through the spine !!!..Boss quipped as answer .."Listen Sutapa , am resigning next week !!!.U have to oversee the operations until someone takes over "..!
.. Isnt an expectation too much from a toddler ??...

.......JOB BLUES.......

Was wondering what should have been the title of the post cud be ?.. next cubicle fellow asked for the meaning of renunciation ! ...
......dumbfounded mind ended up for the title above !! ..

Weekend call over batchmates / old friends ... how r u ? how is life , job and ???
....JOB = bindaas bandi aab boardroom blondie !!!!..no speculation /no hesitation ......but a firm note .... " interpret the data-dump from SAP / forex turnover data CONVINCINGLY ..even its a false ".. Be CONFIDENT !

....LIFE = maast ek daam ! ..! shopping/tripping/cribbing/complaining/dreaming/cooking/reading/thinking......
......SMILING w/o reason ! huh ?!!so much to do .how do u manage time ! ..
....Timepass ke liye time nahi ....! hey ! do u have time for dating? . wanna meet you !...another Timepass on line !!!.....
.....lets Meet up yeah !.... I heard about you so much . from Mr/Miss X/Y/Z.....( Cudnt figure out why not then Mr/Miss X/Y/Z herself/himself gives a call !!! ) .....crawling out in the blazing evening sun !! when almost dozing off wid John Grisham .....:(((
..........Nevertheless , Dating another spring board for Networking !!..latest discovery !!.( Indeed toooooooo late to use the new discovery !) ..Sounds cheap ! Mind is devilish , but drawing the legendary lakshman rekha ... ? .hmmmmmmmm uhhh! - offhand Backstroke ! ..

.....AND = a new chapter is shaping up !! looks positive ! yet .......

..........Lastly not the least , for my old friends who are reading the new post , a simple question ......have I changed a bit ?..

........Scope to "Resurrection" is there .but am not dead !!...just trying to awake the Sleeping Child once more !!

......Time is up for the child to become a Toddler to crawl ,infact to RUN ... for Time is too short my next post ! ..

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Amore Gelato @ Nite !!!

......! shrill screeching of the car tyres , moment on some smoke , the bonnet smashed , limping bodies from teh hot seat and some nocturnal animals hooting , running to the spot !!!..eyes rolling over the bruished faces !! some ugh(s) more followed !!
./"arre yeah toh woh hai na joh ....rakhi ji ko hotoin pe smooch kiye the "/

/"aabey nahi yaar !. bheja tera satak gaye . uska haamsakal "/

/"are nahi bey ..rakhi ji ... ..kitne paraye mard ki saath ghumti hain .haar sar ekka naam aur pehchaan thodi nah yaad rakhe "/...

..................fuss !. hush in low volume....... till the patrol car drew close ......only to disperse the crowd !!...

.Across the road .neon lite of "Amore gelato" glowing sharply to wade off the pitch darkness of nite !!... shutters down !!. only some noctural figures !! unknown faces .!! unknown history !! unknown MUMBAIYA connection !!!

...... Oomph !!. the chick looks horny !. what the hell she is doing @ this wee hour .. in her skimpy clothes !. Oh !! a pros mite be !!.! No ..... an ex-bar girl on street to satiate her fire on the belly !!...

No man ! she is .. a student ,high profile one... wid millionaire dad and billionaire boyfriend .wanna have some . fun in life ! .watt?? . fun? ....oh !. gotcha .. its ..an 'expensive midadventure' for looking up someone @ teh dead of the nite !.

Eh ?.. shut up !. u guys bitch a lot !. hey no .!we rnt bitching .its gossips !... .oder day some body told ....phew ! a thin line of difference between bitching and gossiping !. tru ? . oh! . chodo yaar !. haame kya.. chalte hain . chikni ki thodi mazaak udate hain !. abbey !....jeb mein paisa hai kya? ... muft me toh . uski . flying kiss bhi nahi milega aur tune soch liye uski . blow pipe !! :))))

........Amore gelato still glowing !!. inside lies . the delicate flavours of .. Tiramissu , Straw berry cheescake ..... coffee wine laden ..creamy ..Italian ice cream.,made from milk and sugar ! Gelato ..Italian word for Frozen !. .. Oh..... then yummy , sweet , creamy varieties , made from fresh fruits are kept well frozen to cater to the tastebuds of the richie rich guy , mumbaiya Page 3 socialite !!!!. and the ones that are bland ,tasteless, mundane . over 'used', made from over rotten fruits on street @ nite .for the taste buds of nocturnal animals kya ? !

Yups !!! . but is there ne difference .betn...fresh ones inside Amaro gelato and teh ones in street vendor@ nite ?. no jus . "sophistication" .. Amaro gelato does . gossiping in socialite circle! ! street wali koolfi does a bitching row with her customer !!!.!......

Hey what drags them to all these shits ! . ha ! good qs ? . Er ?. hey Sussy aka Sushil! bol na to the Tambram ko , .....! hey... dumbo .! its WE !! the MAN !!

watt ? . how we !. they tooooo wanna have fun !. sex !. pleasure ..:))
..........Ancient customs dude !. no qs. plz >!

..phew !!. damn boney lass on the dias !!!.. what she is upto there ? . PPT to the client !..... haha !we WILL clinch the deal !.send the chick wid the PPT straight to the client !!. :))))
..shut up man ! an MBA she is .!! phew ?. oh that stands Married But Available . ...isnt !> married ??.. shit ! man! another gone !..!..::))) HR lady seems... insecured ! on her recruiting spree !..... hey ! these are coporate gosssip right ? eh !!. boardroom talks !.

......Something . doesnt change !!!!...the taste buds seems improving ...no man !. Amore gelato .. is improving . their flavours !. oh !. but it remains.. an ice cream only !...juicy , yummy and mouth watering ....only !.

........ hey ehy !!! swear wont take ne more scoop of the famed brand ..... !!!
wat ? y ? ... u feeling guilty pangs ?! eh ? hey ! cum on !. donn sound .. sissy ?... what u wanna cover up ?.. ...u r soul cleaning wud gulp up water .....enuf to douse the fire burning in the belly of these numerous . street wali !......

eh ? hey tell me ! .howz the better-off women folks react to their . lesser mortals fellow !!.......aur kya !! NUMBNESS of mind !!..issue is gossipy ,juicy like strawberry one from Amore Gelato .to them !..

.. yo baby !. looks like .... naked truth is more than skin deep !!!......socialilte colloqium . to talk sex , having negative publicity , controversy laden fame , talking fashion , movies .......is what the fairer sex is more indulging in party circle , its those . jhola carrying ARTy typos sisters only talk ... all these rubbish moral stuff !.

......phew !. the naked body there fore needs . cloth to b in social jungle !! . where u wud get that man !> LFW , haute couture in fashion circle . hasnt yet come nething such ...infact they don have enuf clothes to cover up their boney , skinny ,lanky models on ramp !. oder day ..sudden. fall off of super model lothes on ramp show drew kaafi furore !!...infact drew...thunderous & outstanding ovation .... for managing to walk smart even the nipples are bare bfore the audience !!! . great performance indeed !... ppl even say ...foul play !...so where wud they find the clothes.... ? no where !!.
.ITS JUS INSIDE UR BODY , DEEP BENEATH YOUR SKIN ,DORMANT IN YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND ..LIKE a Sleeping Child .who is lulled to sleep whenever there is tear off between u and ur 'society'...!!

Ambiguous ??.. Unclear , confused I am !.

More complex is the need that propels , motivation that drives .....some say its atrocity @ of creamy layer of social strata .........oders say it has been made sophisticated for the hapless not-so-pampered versions on street !. ..oder say ..its best to FORGET & draw the curtain off as not to disturb the Sleeping Child .....in its slumber ..oderwise ....... the invading sunlight would ...make the glowing neon 'Amore gelato' pale in daylight !

DISCLAIMER : Words/ideas expressed here are personal only , not intended for another negative/positive publicity campaign , not to hurt any body's sentiment !!!!