Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Wondering why we pamper our ego
When alter ego lies uncared in our ‘self’
Why we choose to ignore the inner call
When outside world is no better place .

Awakening seems tough choice
When doing same things in varied kind
Never to say sorry to a disapproving face
Ignore them as they are many steps behind .

Why show off when mind refuses
Complicates matters as many such remains unresolved .
Why feel insecure when cant give cover to our naked lies
Mind remains pure resolute with bewitched conscience.

Why feel dejected when things never turn up the way we want
Why then reject changes that we never initiate
It’s the worst when the mind is closed
Never will have another chance to make the first stroke .

Why dare to re-instate rules, challenge fellow sentiments
When eyesight is myopic like the frog in the well
Why hurt a soul when cannot care for ours
All we do is drag life that is never destined for hell

Questions are endless , keeps mounting more and more
Irony is we wont stop doing unless felt deep inside
Whom we blame – ego or habit ?
Excuses are many , at the end of the day we lie none but self only .

Why sound so pale when achieved not all but enough to recall
There are many who never simply can imagine
Either got lost in mayhem or simply cudnt be humble
Therefore Thank Himself !
For all His mercy and renounce our jealousy !

Grab the piece of earth meant for me
Share the pie which is excess !
Bare the naked truth how ugly may it be
Live a life and let others to live !!


lonewarrior said...

Excellent manifest... as its true..something that have to be felt deep inside that creates the thoughts and makes one wonder ...........wonder for the future........keep it up ...

Prince said...

awesome..........totally supti types......keep it up.......