Thursday, October 18, 2007



..The leaves are green , so is the dark brown bark ..
Rain soaked mud down on the earth bares its trail mark…..
… it is invisible to the eye when not spotted carefully
……..Revered for using its colour canopy tactfully !

. We , are better version of the species when we employ our grey cells
True colours are revealed instantly when loopholes are left bare as well

Sometimes obligations ,sometimes need and sometimes habit
….Induces to change the ‘colour’ unconsciously by spirit !

Loss of trust , confidence is the biggest casualty to those for whom we matter most
.Its hard to rebuild the same when we realize the something more precious is lost !


You sound like a nerd ,when you bare or speak such nonsense speech
Half of which you never practice whatever you preach !

Is it an eye- opener or you are tossing a cork screw on your finger ?
…or .is it a daydreaming which boozing leads such feel to linger ?

You sound crude ! Non sense ….. ! how can I ditch ?
Its my good old friend’s friend who is a big time bitch ! …


Shut up ! its there on your second skin ….. that changes colour like the reptile ….!
…….you never realize until mistake or damage done which you cannot reconcile !!


What if the other person harbours the same and I remain Innocent !
I would loose out when everything is done and if I remain reticent !


No dear , you don’t loose but win ;
..for the other person doesn’t have the courage to deny the sin !
He/ she remains as the slave ever , to the circumstances and intention
..Never realizes all it makes them lonely with more confusion.!


Dear , would mind your words if at all possible
Be just my good conscience whenever other dumps my plea as inaudible !!


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