Saturday, March 24, 2007

Amore Gelato @ Nite !!!

......! shrill screeching of the car tyres , moment on some smoke , the bonnet smashed , limping bodies from teh hot seat and some nocturnal animals hooting , running to the spot !!!..eyes rolling over the bruished faces !! some ugh(s) more followed !!
./"arre yeah toh woh hai na joh ....rakhi ji ko hotoin pe smooch kiye the "/

/"aabey nahi yaar !. bheja tera satak gaye . uska haamsakal "/

/"are nahi bey ..rakhi ji ... ..kitne paraye mard ki saath ghumti hain .haar sar ekka naam aur pehchaan thodi nah yaad rakhe "/...

..................fuss !. hush in low volume....... till the patrol car drew close ......only to disperse the crowd !!...

.Across the road .neon lite of "Amore gelato" glowing sharply to wade off the pitch darkness of nite !!... shutters down !!. only some noctural figures !! unknown faces .!! unknown history !! unknown MUMBAIYA connection !!!

...... Oomph !!. the chick looks horny !. what the hell she is doing @ this wee hour .. in her skimpy clothes !. Oh !! a pros mite be !!.! No ..... an ex-bar girl on street to satiate her fire on the belly !!...

No man ! she is .. a student ,high profile one... wid millionaire dad and billionaire boyfriend .wanna have some . fun in life ! .watt?? . fun? ....oh !. gotcha .. its 'expensive midadventure' for looking up someone @ teh dead of the nite !.

Eh ?.. shut up !. u guys bitch a lot !. hey no .!we rnt bitching .its gossips !... .oder day some body told ....phew ! a thin line of difference between bitching and gossiping !. tru ? . oh! . chodo yaar !. haame kya.. chalte hain . chikni ki thodi mazaak udate hain !. abbey !....jeb mein paisa hai kya? ... muft me toh . uski . flying kiss bhi nahi milega aur tune soch liye uski . blow pipe !! :))))

........Amore gelato still glowing !!. inside lies . the delicate flavours of .. Tiramissu , Straw berry cheescake ..... coffee wine laden ..creamy ..Italian ice cream.,made from milk and sugar ! Gelato ..Italian word for Frozen !. .. Oh..... then yummy , sweet , creamy varieties , made from fresh fruits are kept well frozen to cater to the tastebuds of the richie rich guy , mumbaiya Page 3 socialite !!!!. and the ones that are bland ,tasteless, mundane . over 'used', made from over rotten fruits on street @ nite .for the taste buds of nocturnal animals kya ? !

Yups !!! . but is there ne difference .betn...fresh ones inside Amaro gelato and teh ones in street vendor@ nite ?. no jus . "sophistication" .. Amaro gelato does . gossiping in socialite circle! ! street wali koolfi does a bitching row with her customer !!!.!......

Hey what drags them to all these shits ! . ha ! good qs ? . Er ?. hey Sussy aka Sushil! bol na to the Tambram ko , .....! hey... dumbo .! its WE !! the MAN !!

watt ? . how we !. they tooooo wanna have fun !. sex !. pleasure ..:))
..........Ancient customs dude !. no qs. plz >!

..phew !!. damn boney lass on the dias !!!.. what she is upto there ? . PPT to the client !..... haha !we WILL clinch the deal !.send the chick wid the PPT straight to the client !!. :))))
..shut up man ! an MBA she is .!! phew ?. oh that stands Married But Available . ...isnt !> married ??.. shit ! man! another gone !..!..::))) HR lady seems... insecured ! on her recruiting spree !..... hey ! these are coporate gosssip right ? eh !!. boardroom talks !.

......Something . doesnt change !!!!...the taste buds seems improving man !. Amore gelato .. is improving . their flavours !. oh !. but it remains.. an ice cream only !...juicy , yummy and mouth watering ....only !.

........ hey ehy !!! swear wont take ne more scoop of the famed brand ..... !!!
wat ? y ? ... u feeling guilty pangs ?! eh ? hey ! cum on !. donn sound .. sissy ?... what u wanna cover up ?.. ...u r soul cleaning wud gulp up water .....enuf to douse the fire burning in the belly of these numerous . street wali !......

eh ? hey tell me ! .howz the better-off women folks react to their . lesser mortals fellow !!.......aur kya !! NUMBNESS of mind !!..issue is gossipy ,juicy like strawberry one from Amore Gelato .to them !..

.. yo baby !. looks like .... naked truth is more than skin deep !!!......socialilte colloqium . to talk sex , having negative publicity , controversy laden fame , talking fashion , movies what the fairer sex is more indulging in party circle , its those . jhola carrying ARTy typos sisters only talk ... all these rubbish moral stuff !.

......phew !. the naked body there fore needs . cloth to b in social jungle !! . where u wud get that man !> LFW , haute couture in fashion circle . hasnt yet come nething such ...infact they don have enuf clothes to cover up their boney , skinny ,lanky models on ramp !. oder day ..sudden. fall off of super model lothes on ramp show drew kaafi furore !!...infact drew...thunderous & outstanding ovation .... for managing to walk smart even the nipples are bare bfore the audience !!! . great performance indeed !... ppl even say ...foul play ! where wud they find the clothes.... ? no where !!.
.ITS JUS INSIDE UR BODY , DEEP BENEATH YOUR SKIN ,DORMANT IN YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND ..LIKE a Sleeping Child .who is lulled to sleep whenever there is tear off between u and ur 'society'...!!

Ambiguous ??.. Unclear , confused I am !.

More complex is the need that propels , motivation that drives .....some say its atrocity @ of creamy layer of social strata .........oders say it has been made sophisticated for the hapless not-so-pampered versions on street !. ..oder say ..its best to FORGET & draw the curtain off as not to disturb the Sleeping Child its slumber ..oderwise ....... the invading sunlight would ...make the glowing neon 'Amore gelato' pale in daylight !

DISCLAIMER : Words/ideas expressed here are personal only , not intended for another negative/positive publicity campaign , not to hurt any body's sentiment !!!!



praveen said...

what was that!i left the blog midway..........blogs are meant to small u wrote a whole novel.....hmm sorry for being blunt.........but u asked for it

Rajib said...

left an open string to construct..

Anonymous said...

wow! you've reached a new high this time. i wait with baited breath for every one of your postings. this one made it totally worth it. I must read it once again to understand the depth of the parts i didnt grasp the first time. Your words are powerful, poetic, pugilistic, pungent and purple. A style that is reminiscent of an inebriated marquez or a linguistically challenged pahlaniuk. Do keep writing... however ambiguous, unclear or confused you are. From within the swirls of grey shall a rainbow emerge.

sabby said...

hmmmm... matured enuf... din expect u to b so matured... don take me otherwise :)
be this straight always... will love to read more of ur thoghts... enlighting

Wafer said...

A puzzling conundrum. Grasping uneasily at the heights of a William Makepeace Thackeray only to fall low, low, low again. Like a Fielding on hashish, like a one-legged Taglioni dancing Le Sylphide . I eagerly await your next effort, to see where the twisting, turning efforts of this train go!

Anonymous said...

Its been too long, don't you think?